You would like to establish an audience for your blog.

And not only an accidental, passive crowd – a mob of fanatical supporters.

Fans who click the link to your post the second it lands inside their inboxes.

Fans who will even drop you an e-mail from time to time to inform you just what is on their heads.The Apparent Way to Bond with Your Readers that just about Everyone Ignores

To put it differently, you would like your readers to feel firmly linked to you – the way people feel in real life. A great example of this are these two ladies in a TV interview about Dealdash and their experience as long time customers of the site; and also this deal dash reviews by another customer. These videos are leveraged by the company to help build trust and a strong connection with their audience.

But getting that connection on the internet is rough. No matter how nicely you compose, a bog creates a specific space involving you as well as your readers.

So how do you create this kind of connection?

Luckily there’s an easy response.

Think about a favorite blogger you feel a connection with.

Got one?

Chances are, you know exactly what they look like. You most likely understand how they sound also.

Somehow you have assembled a realistic, three dimensional model of them in your head in the event you think about them.

Perhaps you have heard them talk in a podcast or an SEO webinar discussing about short courses online in web development and digital marketing. Or you also may have seen them in a whiteboard session or on Google Hangout. Or some combination of these.

However, the result is the fact that they are no longer a photograph in a bio, or simply a name and a number of words on a page: they are a living, breathing man.

And that is a large part of why you feel this kind of powerful link with them.

After someone has imprinted on your memory like this, it infuses everything else that they do.

You can not help but hear their latest blog post in their voice, when you read it. You can imagine them in that scenario, when they tell a story.

To put it differently, you feel a lot more linked to them because you believe you know them.

And when you meet them on the street, you will be comfortable striking a conversation with them as if an old friend.

This is just exactly how you would like your audience to feel about you.

Luckily, there’s a way that exists to create that type of link simply.


Somewhat obvious, right?

Most bloggers have contemplated using video at some stage.

Most bloggers may have been inspired by other bloggers which were using it. Or tempted by the video capacity on their tablet pc or their new smartphone.

But despite this, most bloggers fail to act. And the reason is straightforward.

They are frightened.

Why is video strikes fear into the bravest blogger?

Actually, they’ve a lot of motives:

They are frightened they will not appear right on camera.
They are frightened their voice will seem strange.
They are frightened of appearing dumb and saying the wrong thing.
They’re scared that the technology will get the better of them.

It’s totally normal to have these fears when starting a video – but here’s the ugly truth.

Your site will likely be left in the dust by other bloggers if you don’t locate a means to potently bond with your audience.

And video is among the fastest and best methods to generate engagement.

The earlier you start using video to develop a deep personal connection with your readers and get past your fears, the sooner you will stick out of the bunch.